What is Online Poker Etiquette?

One of the main reasons for playing online poker is to have fun although some players will argue that money is their actual motivation. Every once in a while, someone will do something stupid in a game which will drive you crazy. This is why we have created the perfect Poker Etiquette checklist to help out our poker players.

Poker Etiquette Checklist

  1. Do not berate a bad poker player for making the wrong move. The last thing anyone wants you to do is to lecture a fellow player about what they are doing wrong.
  2. Don’t talk about another player’s hand or give player advice on a hand which they are in.
  3. Since online poker is much faster than land-based poker, make sure you know when your turn to play is.
  4. If you need to leave a game for a while, let the casino know. Otherwise other players will wait for you needlessly.
  5. Avoid slowrolling by taking your time to call an opponent. Taking your time to raise is acceptable but slowrolling isn’t.
  6. Do not use abusive language in the chat. Being abusive to another player just isn’t good for anyone and it can also lead you to tilt or make you more angry or upset.
  7. Do not give any indication on the hand you folded. Only after the hand is completed can you talk about your hand. Doing so can influence the way the hand plays out and it’s unfair to the players still involved in the hand.

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