What do I need to do differently in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)?

When it comes to the basic poker strategy, you will find that in Omaha you are in a lot more situations where it is tempting to continue with a lot of drawing hands. However, it’s important to try to draw to the strongest hand more often than not as otherwise you will find yourself completing weak straights and flushes when you are up against a stronger drawing hand.

Pocket pairs are not as strong as in Texas Hold’em

When you play online poker, you’ll also find that starting hands containing high pocket pairs are not as valuable in Omaha as in Texas Hold'em. As each player is dealt four holecards, the winning hand in Omaha will on average be a lot stronger than the winning hand in Hold’em. A pair of aces may be a strong enough hand to win the pot by the river in Hold’em but in Omaha it’s very unlikely this will be strong enough to win the pot.

A good initial strategy in Omaha can be to try to complete drawing hands like straights and flushes against players who you believe overplay their high pair hands.

If you’d like more info on Pot Limit Omaha watch our tutorial video above.

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