Omaha Poker for Beginners

Texas Hold’em is super popular at the moment but many online poker players fail to realise that Omaha Poker is a rather enjoyable game with as much appeal as the former.  Many Omaha Poker players in fact were big Texas Hold’em players who needed a change of scenery so to speak.

The great thing about Omaha though is that once you have the basics down, it becomes super easy to win at it.

If Texas Hold’em is a poker game known for strategy then Omaha is a game based on mathematical calculations. But don’t let this statement put you off.

There is always the assumption that Omaha is a complicated game but it really isn’t. In fact, we will go as far as to say, that once you have the basics down, it is far easier than Texas Hold’em as most of your decisions are automatic.

Basics Omaha Poker Rules

The game is similar to Hold ‘em to some extent in that each player is dealt cards, there is a round of betting, a 3-card flop is dealt, a turn card and then finally the river with betting rounds in between. The huge difference is that each player is dealt four hole cards as opposed to 2 in Texas Hold’em.

Playing Omaha Poker in a nutshell:

  • In the beginning there is a round of betting
  • Followed by the three-card flop, betting round, turn, betting round and finally the river
  • You can use 2 of the four hole cards when connecting to a hand.

Play Omaha Poker