How to increase your profit in small stakes poker cash games

Playing such a small crazy amount of volume at online poker and often against some of the worst players around will help you highlight how to achieve maximum success against such players. In this article we will highlight the three most important steps to increasing your profit in small stakes poker cash games.

You have to maximise your value

By maximising your value we mean that you need to get the absolute most out of your opponents when you have the best hands. Good hands don’t come around too often in online poker and people tend to make the mistake of slow playing or not betting enough when they do.

It would be then best recommended that your start maximising your value at preflop. You can achieve the most success when you play with premium hands before the flop, raising or re-raising if the pot has been opened. Same rule applies after the flop.

Make the right folds

Minimising your losses when you have the second-best hand is just as important as maximising your value with the best hand.

Knowing your opponents and recognising their player types is very important. When players start raising you, this is usually a great sign that they have a big hand. If you are unable to fold any hand at the lower stakes, you will need to brush up on your bluffing skills.

Do not tilt!

We’ve stressed time and again the importance of controlling your emotions as tilt absolutely kills your bankroll. If you feel your frustration and temper rising, you need to have a breather away from the game.

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