How to deal with Poker Tilt (Part 2)

If you read our first article on Poker Tilt, then you already know that Tilt is a highly potent and dangerous force in online poker games. Most poker players often suffer from tilt by losing control of the game completely due to the inability to control their emotions. This is indeed human nature and it happens to all of us. But since tilt is quite a bigger problem, it usually also means that you’re not playing quite to your best.

Playing emotionally instead of logically

Many things can trigger off tilt including tiredness, sadness and bad luck to mention a few and alas, these are all responsible for players playing emotionally. There are usually individual reasons for going tilt but we’re all susceptible to it.

Emotions can take part in a series of events. You could potentially dislike a player and start to confront this player with weak hands and playing aggressively for example. This only just one example out of a series of examples that can influence your game.

The more you let your emotions take over, the worst you’re likely to play.

Tilt and rationality in online poker

Whichever level you are playing on, you always have to make rational decisions when playing online poker and allowing emotions to take over the game leads to your decisions deviating from rational ones.

And this in turn will lead to horrific consequences for your bankroll. Keep in mind that tilt can surprise you and can show up in several different manners.

If you’re not focused, you could easily lose a game and make less than optimal decisions.

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