How to deal with Poker Tilt (Part 1)

As poker players, we are all quite familiar with the term Tilt. It’s one of those damaging forces in the online poker world. This is why we’ve created a series of articles that will tell you on how to fix it.

Tilt and Variance in online poker

Since the origin of tilt is variance, you can rest assured that there will frequently be random winning and losing streaks to go along with set-ups. These punishing situations tend to lead to poker players losing their focus by distracting them from regular gameplay thus leading to tilt.

The player’s skill level is not the only decisive factor that leads to long-term success in online poker. You also require a lot of mental strength that will help you stay focused in such situations.

Luck in online poker

One of the most crucial things when it comes to online poker is your ability to deal with both sides of luck, whether good or bad. If you let emotions get to you, then you’re more likely to lose as your mind won’t be focused.

Different forms of tilt in online poker

Recognising the reasons and various forms of tilt in online poker is the first essential step in achieving what every poker player desires: Being able to control tilt and dealing with it.

In the next couple of articles we will explain why tilt doesn’t happen when you lose as well as revealing other types of tilt and learning more on how to counter it.

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