How to change your bad poker habits

Many people find it hard to make changes and this is usually down to the ability to see that the change is necessary. Without the belief or motivation to push the change into motion, issues and problems won’t get fixed. We tend to keep our habits, regardless if they’re dysfunctional leading to the same self-destructive choices. Because change requires a strategy, we have created an article on how to change your bad poker habits.

Changing your poker game for the better

One of the first steps in changing your dysfunctional pattern is to identity a problem and admit that it is a problem.  You then need to figure out why you are doing it. In online poker, you want the other players to recognise that you are a good player. This usually leads you to throwing a successful bluff or a fold thus leaking information. In turn this leads you to make bad calls and to show off your poker knowledge by using win percentages in all-in situations or talking about poker strategy at the table.

Finally you need to devise a strategy for change. It is not enough to say that you won’t do that anymore but you need to develop a tangible plan to help make the needed change happen. So find something in your poker game that is creating a problem. Find it, name it and figure out why you do it. Identify what motivates you so you can fix it and finally devise a strategy to make different choices when your problem situation arises.

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