What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive casino slots have a jackpot that increases incrementally as casino players play the game. The game takes a miniscule percentage of each bet to add to the jackpot becoming much larger than you would find on other normal video slots. Favourite progressive jackpots with Unibet players include Mega Fortune Dreams, Arabian Nights, Cosmic Fortune and Mega Moolah to mention a few.

Jackpot Meters

The jackpot meter shows you the current value of the jackpot. You can almost spot it immediately: Usually large, brightly coloured and at the very top of your screen. You can also see the size of the jackpot grow as you and other players play along.

Max Coins

One key factor you need to keep in mind when playing progressive casino games is that you would require to make the max bet to be in the chance of winning.  If you’re not comfortable making the max bet, then we would recommend playing non-progressive slots as you won’t be able to win the progressive jackpot if you don’t meet the requirements.

Tips on winning a progressive jackpot

  • First check the Terms and Conditions to learn whether there’s a max bet on a casino slot
  • Make sure to bet the max bet to stand a chance at winning the ultimate jackpot
  • Start playing with a set budget in mind
  • Play the games with the highest jackpot first for your chance of winning a bigger out.

Other Progressive Casino Games

Great news! Progressive jackpots are not just limited to casino slots but you can also find them at some table games including Caribbean Stud Poker. Caribbean Stud Poker is a progressive card-based game based on five card stud. The bet on the progressive jackpot wins when a player gets a royal flush.

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