What are paylines and how do they work

The number of paylines available in a casino slot is one of the most prominent features on offers. To sum up a description, a payline is the line on which the amount awarded will be based on.

When it comes to playing an online casino slot, there are a number of paylines available for you to place your bet on. These paylines will be the ones showering you with wins if you get the winning combination.

It is crucial though for you to understand that you will only win payouts on lines that you’ve placed bets on. If you bet on 10 out of 50 paylines and the winning combination falls on a line that you didn’t place a bet on, then you won’t get anything from that combination.

How do paylines work?

Paylines are quite straightforward. They can either be straight, diagonal or zig-zagging across the reels. In any case, a winning payline will only pay if you have placed a bet on it.

Some online casino slots have adjustable paylines while others only offer fixed paylines. Adjustable casino games will usually allow you to pick a number of paylines to bet on while fixed paylines offer you the chance to place bets on all or nothing. Fixed paylines in casino slots require you to place bets on all paylines without the opportunity to adjust it.

If you require to check whether you have a winning combination on a payline or not, you need to keep in mind that most online casino games will pay for winning combinations from left to right. That being said, there are other slots that pay regardless of the direction.

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