Understanding Wild Symbols

Wild symbols have been around for a long time. These colourful symbols are the equivalent of the joker in a deck of cards which can be used with any other symbols on the reels to create winning combinations.  For example, if you have a diamond (symbol) on reels 1 and 2, and a wild on reel 3, you will be able to create a winning combination.

What’s the main aim of the Wild

Wild symbols have the absolute power to substitute for all other symbols on the wheels and thus complete winning paylines without which, you wouldn’t be able to complete a win. The only exception is that wilds cannot substitute for scatters, free spins or other relevant bonus symbols.

There is no way of knowing when or where the wild symbols will appear as they do tend to pop up randomly on the reels. However, in some online casino games, they only appear on particular reels. You would need to check the game’s paytable to know exactly where the wilds would appear and whether they would or would not substitute for.

Types of Wild Symbols

Besides the aforementioned types of wild symbols, casino slots can also feature a number of special wilds, each bringing its particular zest to the game.

Expanding wilds can grow to fill up an entire reel, making it from top to bottom wild. Sticky wilds on the other hand can stay in place over multiple spins to increase your chances of completing paylines. There are also Stacked Wilds which appear on top of the other on a single reel to fill up the entire reel.

Whether a normal wild or a stacked or sticky, wilds bring you the possibility to gain you more wins wherever they appear.

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