Scatter Symbols in Online Casino

Scatter symbols are cherished by many when they pop up on the reels. The scatter symbol unlocks various bonus features embedded within an online casino game. Unlike other normal symbols that have to be lined up on a payline to gain any wins, the scatter only needs to pop up on the reels to reward you with free spins, mini-games or other fantastic bonuses. 

One of the highest paying symbols in a slot game, they are represented by a pre-set symbol that is unique to the slot. Trust us, you will know when you bump into one.

How do Scatters work?

For scatters to work, you would require a certain number of them to appear on a single spin to present you with a fantabulous feature. Such details are normally highlighted on the game’s paytable.

When the right number of scatters appear on a single spin, the game will kick off the bonus feature. This could be free spins or an interactive bonus game.

Do all casino slots have scatters?

It’s quite standard that most casino slots especially 5-reel slots to offer scatters to go along with their bonus features. These can also be found in progressive jackpots, slots with bonus games to mention a few. It’s typically not very common for three-reel slots.

Does my game have a scatter?

You only need to keep an eye on the Paytable on your screen to learn if your game has a scatter or not. Here you will find all the info on symbols as well as wild and bonus features. The paytable will also help to understand how the game works and what the 

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