Online Casino Jargon

At Unibet, we know that it takes some time to get used to all the online casino terminology. For someone without previous experience with online casinos, it might even seem overwhelming at times. The casino terminology is, after all, quite extensive. This is why we’ve created the casino games glossary to help you learn the ropes a lot faster. Get to know the difference between casino terms like line bet and a pay line, or a free spin and a wild.

Just keep this guide handy for when you’re playing your favourite slot game and you will be a casino lingo expert in no time. It is, after all, much easier to learn by doing then just by reading.

All or Nothing

A player will win if they have all the cards. For example, in Keno, a player will be declared

a winner if they have all the numbers.


The amount of money that you have available to play with in the current game.

Placing bets will reduce your bankroll and winnings will increase it.

Basic Slots

Slots that only have one single payline and a static jackpot that does not change.

Usually recommended for beginners.

Bonus Symbols

A certain amount of Bonus symbols appearing on your reels in online slot games trigger either

free spins using the initial bet as a multiplier or open up bonus games.

In both cases, your winnings can increase dramatically.

Cascading Reels

An exciting online slot game feature where completing a payline will replace the

winning symbols with new ones after giving you your winnings.

Simply explained, you practically get a second chance of winning.

Casino Bonus

A very popular feature of online casino. Players get a sign-up bonus

when they register with the casino. It’s usually a number of free spins or a deposit-match bonus.

Casino Tournament

A tournament organized in a casino. It can span across a number of games including

slot games, poker games, blackjack games or something else. Usually there is a fee to enter

but some tournaments have free sign ups.


This is the amount that you place on a single payline before hitting the spin button.

Expanding Wilds

A favourite feature among casino slot players. An expanding wild is a

wild symbol that will cover the whole reel that it appears in,

allowing for more opportunities for winning.

Free Spin

Usually offered as a bonus feature on slot games, a free spin will grant additional spins

without placing any further bets. Free spins in some cases have

extra symbols or wilds that will increase your chance of winning. Read more about Free Spins


A player who has deposited a lot of money into an online casino known to bet large amounts.

They usually roll on high bets, hence, high-rollers.


The ultimate prize. A Jackpot is the biggest payout a video slot can offer.

There are two types of jackpots, fixed and progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots have considerably larger winnings and are rarer, thus making them very desirable.

Line Bet

The single bet that you put on a single payline. A Line bet refers to the activated paylines on multiplepayline video slots. Usually, you need to place the max bet so you could be able to activate all the paylines.


A very desirable online slot feature. A multiplier will increase your winnings

(usually during bonus spins)up to 10 times your initial bet.


The basis of slot games and one of the more important terms in this casino games glossary.

A payline is the line on which the consecutive symbols need to appear in so the player

can get the winnings. The amount depends on what symbols appear and form the payline.


Completing a payline win ensure winnings. The total amount of winnings from all winning lines

(or bonuses if triggered) is the payout from your single spin.

Pay Table

Every online casino slot games has it’s own symbols, paylines, bonus games and game rules.

The pay table contains all the information about the video slot and the payout amounts.

Progressive Casino Slots

Progressive casino slots are fairly popular because of the progressive jackpots they offer.

A progressive jackpot is increasing with every bet that is placed until it’s won.


The reels in a casino slot game are the wheels that contain the symbols.

Getting favourable combinations of symbols on the reels ensures payouts.


Another favourite amongst online casino slots players.A scatter symbol will pay out

regardless of where on the reels it lands or what other symbols are present.

Scatter Pay

The amount that a scatter symbol pays out. The higher the number of scatter symbols

the higher the potential winnings. The paytable contains the exact information about

how many scatter symbols pay out what amount.

Select Lines

The lines that you have selected and are playing with when playing online slots.

Some slot games will have a fixed amount of lines while others allow you to adjust the number of lines

you want to play with. You ‘select’ the lines that you want to place bets on

Shifting Wilds

A special type of wild symbols in slot games. Once the wild symbols appear

they will remain on the reels for a certain amount of spins, shifting their position every subsequent spin.


The reason you go to the online slot games. Hitting the spin button will place your bet and start spinning

the reels. Once the spin is activated, you have to wait until the reels stop

to see if you have completed any paylines.

Stacked Wilds

Special kind of wild symbols. Usually they will come on a reel in 2 or more subsequent positions.

Depending on your luck, a stacked wild can occupy the whole reel, paving your way to bigger winnings.

Sticky Wilds


Sticky wilds are wild symbols that once they appear on a position on the reels will stay there for a certain number of spins. 

Slot Symbols


The different images that appear on the reels. By reading the paytable of the video slot you can find out

how much every symbol pays or multiplies your initial bet. Every online slot game will have different symbols

with different multiplier, so take a look at them carefully and know what to expect.

Wagering requirements

The amount of turnover a player has to make in order to be able to cash a bonus

that they have previously claimed. Once the required wagering amount is satisfied,

the player is free to withdraw the bonus money.

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols can replace any other symbol to complete a payline in online slots.

Different games have different wilds with different payouts. It is important to always know them,

as they can change the course of the game. A casino favourite nevertheless.


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