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Are you baffled by the sheer amount of information that you would need just so you can start playing at an online casino? While, to a beginner it might seem a bit complicated and overwhelming, we have at Unibet have the foremost gurus to help you out. Not being aware of all the features of online slot games can indeed lower the amount of enjoyment, and of course winnings, that you might be missing out on.

Our online casino experts at Unibet are here to guide you through all the things casino-related to turn you into a punch-snapping casino buff. In this guide you will find explanations on how to play online casino slots, what are free spins, wilds, paylines, reels and much more.

So kick back, grab your favourite drink and let’s begin.


How to play Online Casino Slots


One of the most popular games that are available in an online casino are the online slots. The great thing about slots in online casinos is that they are amazingly easy to learn and master. On top of that, playing on selected slot games will give you the chance to win jackpots and amounts much larger than your initial bet. These features make them super popular with all players, both new and experienced.

These days, there is a number of casino slots to choose from. Most beginners find themselves in front of the question: So where do I start from? With so many choices such as a classic slot, a five reel video slot, a bonus slot, a progressive slot it might seem pretty hard to make the perfect choice for you.

But don’t worry. This is why we’re here to help out. When you start playing online casino slots, you will need to be familiar with the unique features that the slot has to offer. There always are customizable options present, so you can actually tailor the casino experience just for you.

Customizing the slot game to your needs will let you stretch your bankroll and play for the longest time. Playing longer and spinning more, will in turn grant more chances at getting a jackpot or a substantial payout. These personal adjustments will also allow you to be in a much better control of how much you’re depositing and spending without taking a great amount of time to making decisions.


So how do you choose and set up your slot game?


  1. First when it comes to picking a slot game, If you are a beginner, stick will classic slot games. Very good examples here are Starburst or Northern Sky. Theses game with their simple yet stunning visuals will help you get immersed while spinning. Being immersed on the other hand will help you figure out the online casino slot game mechanics much faster.
  2. Pick a game with minimum betting amounts you’re most comfortable with. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable every time you press spin. You came to the casino to relax and enjoy, so do so.
  3. Decide on the bet amount. Once you’re comfortable with the minimum amount, it’s time to decide how much are you going to bet. This is solely your decision. Would you like to spin the reels trying to hit highly paying bonus rounds and wilds? Go with a smaller amount that will grant you more spins. Do you want to try and get a big payout without getting the bonus spins? Go for a bigger bet amount.
  4. Choose how many paylines you want to bet – Most online casino slot games will allow you to change the number of paylines you want to bet on. If you haven’t placed a bet on a certain payline, but the symbols needed for completing that payline appear, you will not get a payout. For beginners it’s usually recommended to set the number of paylines to max so you can play for all the lines. If you want to give the slot game a few spins before betting seriously, place the minimum bet amount on the minimum number of paylines. Casino experts recommend this way of playing for the first couple of spins, just so you can test and feel the video slot out. 
  5. Spin it! After you’ve set everything up, you can press the spin button. Some slot games will also have the autospin feature enabled. The autospin does exactly what the name suggests, it automatically spins the reels. Online casino masters often use this feature, and if they do, they set it to 25-50 spins. The only reason behind this is that you will be much more attentive and aware of your bankroll if you have to manually set up the autospins every couple of minutes.


Online Casino Settings


Another key factor in your online casino experience and enjoyment are the settings that you can tailor according to your taste and of course needs.

Audio Settings – One of the key enjoyment factors when it comes to online slots are the sounds as the wheels start spinning. Every slot game will have different sounds depending on the theme of the slot game. Some slot games will have music, sound clips and TV themed slot games will even have the music from the corresponding show. If you, on the other hand, are not a fan of the immersive sounds, you still have the option to mute all sounds that the slot game produces.

Auto Play Feature (Auto Spin) – We’ve briefly talked about the auto spin feature previously. Now it’s time to get into it a bit more. If you love multitasking, then the auto spin feature will bring you plenty of satisfaction. The Auto Play Feature will usually have a set number of rules that can break the Auto Spin cycle (apart from manually stopping it). Online Casino Mxperts usually recommend making the auto spin feature stop once you’ve won or lost 10 times your initial bet. As simple as that. After setting up the auto play feature you can kick back relax as the casino game does all the work for you.

Betting preferences – There are as many betting preferences as there are online casino players. Are you more of the type that wants to chase after that big jackpot or do you want smaller consistent wins? This should determine the amount that you would bet. Do you have a certain taste in music or love something that’s on TV? Chances are there is an online slot game themed exactly after what you want. Why not use the opportunity and enjoy yourself? Most online slot games will memorize your betting preferences and automatically apply them on the next spin.

Reading Paytables – Although reading paytables deserves an online casino expert guide of it’s own, we will briefly mention them here as well, since there is no way of becoming an online casino guru without reading them. Every slot game has a paytable which contains all the information about payouts, paylines, bonus and scatter symbols. It will usually highlight how many of which symbol should appear in a payline in order to multiply your bet by a certain amount. While they might seem complicated at first, take a look at one and after reading it you will surely figure it out.


Unibet Casino Guides


This article should serve just as a guide to entering the world of casinos and online casino experts. Once you’re comfortable with everything that’s written here, feel free to check out our guides on Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols or actually any of the Unibet Online Casino Guides.

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